Director / Referent 

Angela Mondo
Angela MondoDirector
Qualified teacher with a dream come true. I am always in the running and growth, like
children’s world. For over twenty years I have been following a program of research, study
and development bringing my limitless passion to my daily life. I love my school and I feel
responsible for every child’s growth, in every moment of the day.
I appreciate every little goal achieved, a challenge succeeded, an obstacle passed, a new idea
to realize, a multifaceted horizon.
I enjoy science fiction, reading, discovering new places on a journey, my house’s garden and
my school’s vegetable garden.
Mela Zagarella
Mela ZagarellaReferent, Communications Manager
My passions, cooking and general press marked my progress all’Albero: I arrived a few years
ago, on my return in Sicily, to manage communication, and I have introduced my cooking
course for children, which started as a bilingual course for little tourists on holidays in
Siracusa. Today “Mani in pasta- cook and fun” claims many passionate little cooks!
My previous experience in the editorial field in Milan (Mondadori group), as new graduate,
developed in me enthusiasm, passion, will to know and curiosity toward new interests. Where
to find them? Early childhood, where I restarted from, seems perfect!
Every day it’ a new goal, a new beginning!
With an eye to the past and projects for the future!

Montessori Nursery

Pesciolini blu – Till 18 months

Rosellina Ballarino
Rosellina BallarinoTeacher
The world of the child has always been at the center of my personal choices. The idea of taking care of them as a paediatrician led me, as a high school graduate, to study medicine, a course that was then modified. But the little ones, continued to be the destination of my path. A radical change in my working life, undertaken as a mature student, opened the doors of “L’Albero”, where a new, great and stimulating adventure began, and here I also had the great opportunity to grow professionally, attending the Montessori training course.
My free time is dedicated to my family, of which my “hairy little girl” is also a part: a lovely shitzu, sports, reading and… my beloved sea!
Chiara Recalcati
Chiara RecalcatiTeacher
“A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step”.
Just like toddlers do when they start to walk and discover, step after step, their life journey.
That’s how my own journey began.
I was born and raised in Milan, I love reading, traveling, exploring. After my social-psychological high school studies, I graduated from University with a degree in Education and Training Sciences.
As a person who has always been passionate about children, I decided to further my knowledge by earning a Master Degree in Montessori Method of Education.
I have been living in Siracusa for two years and that’s where I met Albero Azzurro! I would rather define them as a “Big Family”, because that’s how children feel when they leave their parents’ arms to be welcomed with love by us educators.
I live every day surrounded by children, I love listening to them and helping them; moreover, I like teaching them how to appreciate even the simplest things about life.

Pesciolini Rossi – Till 36 months

Lucia Sanzaro
Lucia SanzaroTeacher
My great passion for art pushed me to get my degree at the Academy of Fine Arts in Catania. After various work experiences, it is the love for children that has the upper hand, directing me towards an educational path, and here I landed in 2014 to the “Albero Azzurro” in the blue fishes’ class (up to 18 months). Strengthened by my artistic baggage, I do my best to make the little ones that with love are entrusted to me in the nest blossom as much as possible. So much desire to grow, day by day I have something new to learn from children, their ability to communicate is sometimes more explicit than many words. It is in their innocence that every day I receive a lesson of life: the ability to share, to rejoice in small things but above all, a smile sometimes can change a day. Discovery is surprise and wonder, and what for us may seem daily routine is a source of infinite joy and happiness for them, always looking for something new. The deepening of the Montessori method represented a real lens that helped me to find what can be the interconnecting thread between the world of us “adults” and them: magnificent creatures.
Lidia Tutino
Lidia TutinoTeacher
Always dedicated to social issues, I graduated in Education and Training Technology at the University of Messina. I undertook a training course aimed at children, following different projects for disadvantaged children and disabled people. I have collaborated with local companies for the realization of workshops for small balloon artists and animation activities. Recently I have updated my training by learning an original educational method, ‘Filosofiacoibambini’ by Carlo Maria Cirino that aims to expand the imaginative capacity of children through language. I have just completed a course for the acquisition of the ‘Montessori Method’, an educational system that bases its pedagogy on independence, freedom of choice of educational path and respect for the natural physical, psychological and social development of the child. Each of my experiences has always been enriched by my passion for sport (being an instructor of water and land activities) strongly motivated to learn and grow, I am ready to face the challenges that life will offer me!
Viviana Guzzardi
Viviana GuzzardiTeacher
My passions since childhood? The world of children and the scout world. I consider myself lucky, I have been a teacher since 2003 and a scout since 1989 (educator since 1998). I have studied and deepened the education of childhood and adolescence in various aspects and comparing various methods.
The Montessori Method has been the main focus of this educational research. In 2018/2019 I attended the specific training course 0/3 years and in this same period I participated in the formation of “FilosofiacoiBambini”, a new method to develop the imagination with a philosophical approach.
But the training did not end here, look far, much further away and always update! This is my motto! “To have the child in the eyes, mind and heart.
Eleny Bonanno
Eleny BonannoTeacher
The most beautiful dreams are those who have the courage to get out of the drawer and come true! Mine left Caltagirone, the city where I was born and raised, and arrived in Siracusa.
After graduating from the scientific high school, I continued my studies in Education and Training Sciences at the University of Catania and, immediately after graduating, I met “L’Albero Azzurro”. This is where I have the opportunity to realize my dream every day… to live with and for children! I am passionate about children’s literature and create objects with all kinds of materials. I care a lot about my professional training, I want to deepen my studies and cultivate new interests. For me being an educator is not a job… it’s care, commitment, responsibility and a lot of fun!

Afternoon Time

Lisa Mondo
Lisa MondoEducatrice
When I started working here (more than twenty years ago), I brought with me my love for arts and philosophy.
Every day at school with babies and kids I feel in a special universe!
I love reading, travelling and cooking.
I prefer vegetarian-vegan dishes, looking for a constant pursuit of psychophysical wellbeing and quality of life.
My dearest friend? She is Betta, a black and white mixed breed dog.

In the kitchen

Giusy Lorefice
Giusy LoreficeCockess
As soon as I graduated from High School, I worked as assistant in a retirement home. After cooking classes, I developed my career in the same organization. Years went by, and I found myself at L’Albero Azzurro, right when the crèche opened. Here I created my own space. Parents and their children see me as the mother of delicious smells which come out of my kitchen. My passions are reading action stories, drawing portraits, making crochet items and writing about my daily life.

Montessori inspired pre-chool

TULIPANI – 3 years

Arianna Leone
Arianna LeoneTeacher
G. Rodari wrote: “children are always one step ahead. Those who speak to them seriously only reach the top of the ladder.” For this and for an innate inclination towards the world of childhood, after attending the scientific high school, I graduated in Education and Training Sciences (University of Catania). After several professional experiences in my studies, I landed as an educator at “Albero Azzurro”. A landing that in this case is not equivalent to a stop, but the opposite: the opening towards new horizons, professional and personal growth! My passions (love for art of all kinds, for books, for cooking, for animals), have found the opportunity to outsource and put themselves at the complete disposal of the well-being of the child. However, this is never enough and it was the great responsibility of being an educator that gave me the push for a deep professional growth (and not only). The encounter with “the Montessorian universe”, the study, the discovery of “FilosofiacoiBambini” and the wonderful world that I was lucky enough to know, allowed me to hope for an endless improvement! And if my hands, “instrument of intelligence”, will always be creatively engaged, “in my mind, in my eyes and in my heart”, there will always be the Child.

Papaveri – 4 years

Sonia Lorefice
Sonia LoreficeTeacher
The emotion that distinguishes me, the joy! The passion for my work has led me to acquire the appropriate qualifications to consolidate my skills. Thanks to a deeper knowledge in the Montessori method, through active participation in training courses, I became a “new” teacher, able to develop my spiritual strength. Always thanks to the training “FilosofiacoiBambini”, I firmly believe in the need to get out of the alienating school systems to give back to the child the freedom of thought and the protection of his imagination.

Girasoli – 5 years

Valeria Murè
Valeria MurèTeacher
A fixed nail, the world of childhood. And so, to the first title of accountant I add the second and the teaching qualification. After an independent experience in the sector, I arrived at the “Albero Azzurro”, crowning a dream of mine. I have a passion for sport and I believe in my job, I am passionate about it and professionally I love “growing” every day more and more! In September 2019 ended another phase of my training that allowed me to enter a wonderful world: that of the Montessori school. Today, therefore, the Method is part of my life and my being an educator in my class.

Ciclamini – 3-4-5 years

Tiziana Ferro
Tiziana FerroTeacher
My interest in the world of childhood prompted me to undertake the humanities. I attended the socio-psycho-pedagogical high school and completed my personal profile with the university course in Education and Training Sciences (University of Catania). After various work experiences I arrived here, in this fantastic world of the “Albero Azzurro”. Here I began to deepen my knowledge of the Montessori Method. The so-called “Montessori Idea” of education as an “aid to life” is also useful to me at home with my two girls. “When the hand is perfected in a spontaneously chosen work, and the will to succeed is born, to overcome an obstacle, the consciousness is enriched with something very different from a simple knowledge: it is the consciousness of one’s own value” (M. Montessori).
Sandra Audino
Sandra AudinoTeacher
Classical studies led me to the Degree in Science of Cultural Heritage with an Archaeological focus, but the love and passion for children have always accompanied me.
Working on the drafting of didactic projects and strong of previous experiences with children and young people of different ages, following a professional training course in the field, I landed at Albero Azzurro.
Many opportunities for professional growth followed in recent years. The most significant is undoubtedly linked to the Montessori Method Training Course: a universe to explore with the most important being at the center, the child!
I have several hobbies, including DIY and the creation of objects with recycled materials; I like to travel, read and listen to good music. Since I’m a mom, I’ve expanded my music repertoire, which has been enriched with various songs and nursery rhymes in English, much loved by my little one! A good “gym” to train the knowledge of English!
I appreciate good cooking and I love cooking: this great passion has allowed me to participate with enthusiasm in many workshops and cooking classes for children in our school. What a joy to see them involved and enjoy their creations!

Assistance and Afternoon Activities

Denise Bruno
Denise BrunoAssistant
Despite my young age, I have realized my greatest dream, which is to work in the world of children. After graduating, I obtained the certificate “Osa Infanzia”, where I did an internship at “Albero Azzurro” and from that moment I started to be part of this BIG FAMILY. Even if I have been part of this staff for a short time I do not lack love, humility for children and above all the desire to grow professionally and learn. I participated in the training courses (Montessori and FilosofiacoiBambini) with great enthusiasm. I like to make new acquaintances. What I like to be is: a continuation of the wonderful world (freedom and autonomy) that the child lives in the morning at school, being the educator in the afternoon. Being at the “Albero” in the afternoon must also be a fun “game”! I love travelling and being in company.

In cucina

 Tiziana Veneziano
Tiziana VenezianoCockess
In doing my job in the kitchen, I combine my love for children with a passion for cooking. I offer every day to children and parents inviting scents linked to the seasonal menu. I have always dreamed of working in a kindergarten, a desire that drove me to study after graduation to obtain the Osa qualification and as a childcare assistant. Recently I have undertaken a Montessori training course that will allow me to deepen my knowledge of the method and apply it in the field, or rather to the kitchen! My free time? I often spend it reading, but above all I research and “experiment” new recipes to delight the palate of my little guests!

Bilingual School “The Pomegranate Tree”

Martina Zimmitti
Martina ZimmittiTeacher
The world of children has always fascinated me, but only my experience as an au pair abroad, between Ireland and Norway, led me to study the Montessori method and childhood. I conducted my studies in Dublin at the “Portobello Institute”, where I received my diploma in the Montessori method and a degree in early childhood studies. My experience as a teacher began in Dublin in 2016, and then continued to the “Albero Azzurro”. The desire to grow and learn does not stop and at “Albero Azzurro” I found many opportunities: here I discovered “FilosofiacoiBambini”, the “philosophy” that opens the child’s mind and which I treasure every day in my class. Another beautiful experience conducted at the “Albero” and shared with my colleagues was the Montessori course: a great experience of sharing, comparison and learning. Among my interests there is the creation of objects of different materials, in fact I dabble in creating “works” and furniture for my children.
Sueli Aglieco
Sueli AgliecoTeacher
As a child I dreamed of the role of teacher and so my school career, after leading me to a crossroads and giving me several opportunities, ended with a master’s degree in Pedagogy. But thanks to my children, of course, I will never stop learning, to be curious to discover things like Alice in Wonderland, to marvel and wonder at the world like the little boy of Pascoli and to listen to my heart, rather than rely only on my eyes, to observe what surrounds me, like the Little Prince. The meeting with “FilosofiacoiBambini”, in 2017, has enriched, and continues to enrich in an ever-changing journey, my experience in the field of childdren’s imagination and intuition, making me know a method preparatory to freedom of expression and planning. The training course with Fondazione Montessori Italia has opened my horizons even more, coinciding my ideal vision of the world freely explored by children, through the impulse that actually pushes them to learn autonomously, with my real experience in “Children’s Home”: they are the ones who guide me to allow them to develop their skills and conquer the world with the strength of their intelligence!

Nursery and Pre-School: Special Figures


Antonella D'Anna
Antonella D'AnnaTeacher
Daughter of art, I follow my dad, falling in love with the piano. I develop a passion for this instrument but also for the educational branch. I graduated from the Conservatory of Piano and I graduated in Science of Education, qualifying as a Pedagogist. After working in a therapeutic facility, I arrive at “Albero Azzurro” where since 2012 I teach music to children, starting in the nursery and continuing to the pre-school. I improve my training by studying the Montessori Method, a competence certified by Fondazione Montessori Italia. Currently I also work at the Academy of Modern Music (MMI) based in Siracusa.


Margaryta Gàrbar
Margaryta GàrbarTeacher
I try to teach English in a fun way to children so most of the lesson is done by singing and playing. Singing the songs on the move helps the children memorize the words better and, while listening to the songs, practice intonation and rhythm in English. We also use three part cards to match the objects that surround them at school: games, clothes, furniture, cutlery, food, etc… We also use three part cards to learn new songs in such a way that children can use them independently.


Micaela Maffucci
Micaela MaffucciTeacher
!Hola! The origins of my family make me born in Granada, where I will spend every summer even after returning to Italy in Abruzzo. The note that most distinguishes me is an immense love for art and its thousand forms (I call myself a creative soul) … A love that since the first internships as a student in high school is linked to ’empathy with the little ones! I arrive in Siracusa for love and in 2016 I meet “L’Albero Azzurro” and start a career path that allows me to put at the service of children my creative qualities but also my other great passion: Spanish culture and language, which becomes part of the educational program of our school. The feedback from the children spurs me on and stimulates me year after year to try to make the relationship with the little students more and more colorful and enjoyable through the development of fun and stimulating activities that make the children passionate about Spanish! The work experience in our school allows me to undertake a continuous training course, a rich and exciting professional growth. The Montessori education has immediately impressed me for the deep respect of the child and his needs! In fact, the Montessori approach values the human spirit: “The teacher is the servant of the spirit”. The encounter with “FilosofiacoiBambini” and the consequent training allow me to accompany the children on a fascinating journey to discover the word and its immense value. I live my profession as an educator with enthusiasm and love: it is not a job but an opportunity to become great, learning from the little ones.

Educational Teather

Valeria Calabrò
Valeria CalabròTeacher
I’m Valeria Calabro’, educator for 10 years, I’ve been teaching at “Albero Azzurro” for 4 and a half years. My passions are: theatre, reading, philosophy, cinema and … I love to travel! In short, I love everything that enriches my mind and soul. Since I was a child, I had a strong propensity for teaching. Animated by a strong interest in the humanities, I attended the socio-psycho-pedagogical high school where I obtained my master’s degree. Afterwards I obtained a Bachelor’s Degree in Literature and Philosophy and then completed my studies with a Master’s Degree in History of Philosophy at the University of Catania. I love children, their essence, their spontaneity!
“To teach you have to get excited. But many still think that if you have fun, you don’t learn.” M. Montessori.