With our bistro we teach the children in our care to grow eating healthy. But how can we help children to taste vegetables and other food they have never eaten or seen before?

The recipes are varied: with a joyful atmosphere, we involve the guests to set the table, season the meals with appetizing spices, we decorate the plates and invent a story that reminds of the colours and shapes of the meal of the day.

And then, never give up after anther no received from the children when inviting them to eat vegetables: experience teaches that someday the child will decide to taste something different! When that day arrives in our bistro a clap from everyone kicks off.

And finally remember: we first eat with our sight! A good looking plate will help you succeed.


The table equipment is part of the wide world of practical life activities. 

It is always carried out by children, in turn during the week, starting from 30 months.

After wearing the apron, the waiters (two per table), according to precise movements to be made with their hands and arms in a specific sequence, place the dishes and napkins on the tablecloth. 

At the end the chairs are arranged well and the waiters take off their apron.

All the material is breakable. Does anything break? The little ones will learn – through mistake – that plates, glasses and jugs are fragile and should be handled with care


BREAKFAST at 9:30: seasonal fruit, eaten all together in class. It’s pealed by the practitioner, and it becomes didactic and food education.

DINNER at 12:00: it follows the daily menu, related to seasonal products. Meals are prepared and cooked in the school’s kitchen.

SNACK at 15:00: with bread (or biscuits, or cakes, or pizza), organic jam, fruit

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